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A visualizer is a virtual home environment rendered right in your browser. Each visualizer uploaded to your company may have any combination of:

  • Viewpoints (e.g. Front Exterior, Kitchen, Master Bedroom)
  • Groups (e.g. Wall Paint, Trim, Carpet, Door)
  • Options (e.g. Egg Shell White, Bronze Faucet)

Template Importing

Adding Viewpoints

Uploading Folders


The inventory enables you to link visualizer options with items in your inventory database. You can hide a given visualizer option from a user by setting the inventory item to “disabled.” This communicates to your users that you may be out of stock for a certain item.

Using Items

Adding Items


A customer is a homebuyer that is registered with your company website hosted by Eagle Eye. You can view a customer’s projects and export their currently selected options to a PDF or Excel spreadsheet as a way to finalize their new home selections.

Editing Customers


A company in Eagle Eye represents your home building company. On the Company tab, you can manage your company’s branding, contact information, employee access, billing details, subscription plan, and more.

Editing Settings

Updating Landing Page

Setting Brand Colors

Managing Employees


Set Up

  • Identify the inventory options (client selections) you want to provide to your clients.
  • Create the visualizer image files for your house plans with as many viewpoints per plan as you need. We can have your renderings created for you or provide detailed instructions for your graphics artist to create them.
  • You can embed the visualizers throughout your builder website as desired.
  • Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Eagle Eye integrated builder website complete with your own brand identity and web address (see a sample website at samplebuildingcompany.com).


  • Visualizers are a powerful lead magnet. Visitors can rarely resist experimenting with them, especially if they are interested in building a new home.
  • Website visitors can immediately start using the visualizers. To be able to save or share selections they’ve made on a visualizer, they must first create an account and register on your site.
  • When a visitor registers for any of your visualizers, a notification email is immediately sent to your sales team.

Online Design Studio

  • At the time your company signs up with Eagle Eye, you will create a custom web address — xyz.evisualizer.com — where “xyz” is the subdomain name that you choose (see a sample design studio at sbc.evisualizer.com).
  • This website can serve as your own “Online Design Studio” where all your plans and visualizers are located in one convenient location.
  • Registered customers can spend an unlimited amount of time at your Online Design Studio to choose, share and collaborate with designers, family and friends regardless of geographical limitations. Some customers have been known to log as much as 50 hours online.
  • Utilizing the Online Design Studio can drastically reduce, and even in some cases, totally eliminate the time clients spend with your designers or sales reps at your physical office location/studio.
  • When all selections have been made, you can download and print a PDF with all the selected item details, including images for visual reference, that can be utilized in the building contract. Additionally, you can download a CSV file with all the selection details to import into other software.
  • Print and bind a Visual Jobsite Reference Book for trade partners to utilize and confirm selections while at the job site throughout the duration of the build.
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